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Eligibility Requirements:

The Thomas H. Macbride Leadership Scholarship is awarded to outstanding high school seniors who have demonstrated an ability to excel in academics, extra-curricular activities, and human service.  The scholarship is available to any male, graduating senior who attends The University of Iowa.  The scholarship is awarded by the Alumni of ACACIA Fraternity. Demonstrated financial need is not a criterion.  This scholarship is NOT transferable to another person or attendance at another university.      

The applications must be sent no later than July 31st.  Shortly after this date, all applications received will be reviewed. A total value up to $10,000 can be awarded per year, with a minimum value of $250 and a maximum value of $3000. All scholarships will be awarded during the fall semester.

Once finalists are determined, you will be contacted with more information on the date and time for your interview. Scholarship finalists will complete final interviews in Iowa City at the Acacia Fraternity House.  

About Thomas H. Macbride

Thomas Huston Macbride served as the tenth president of the University of Iowa, from 1914 to 1916.  Though he was president of the university for only two years, Macbride served the campus for more than a half-century as a scholar, professor, and administrator. Macbride Hall, one of the buildings on the Pentacrest, was constructed in 1904 as the Hall of Natural Science and was named in his honor in 1934.

During his tenure at the University of Iowa, Macbride joined a Greek organization known as Acacia Fraternity. His dedication to his fraternity was immense and he has become one of several remarkable alumni from this chapter. Other notable alumni include Albert Jessup (Jessup Hall), E.C. Mabie (Mabie Theater), and Everet Lindquist (Lindquist Center). 

Mr. Macbride had a huge impact on this university until his passing in 1934. His legacy lives on through the students that are educated daily in his building and through the Thomas H. Macbride Leadership Scholarship which strives to reward students with the same passion for education and betterment that he held. 

About ACACIA Fraternity

ACACIA is a Greek Social Fraternity.  Acacians strive to achieve excellence and balance in college and throughout their lifetimes. ACACIA was founded by Freemasons in 1904 at the University of Michigan.

It is our belief that leadership skills are one of the keys to success in life, and this knowledge cannot be gained solely in the classroom. ACACIA Fraternity provides its members with the opportunity to gain leadership knowledge and ability.  Whether you manage yearly operating funds or coordinate chapter activities, you will gain skills in management, leadership, and service to others. These are the skills that all Acacians seek to achieve and demonstrate.

Each local chapter maintains comprehensive scholarship and education programs to aid members in their studies.  Members are also encouraged to actively participate in campus activities and organizations, to further broaden their educational experience and enhance their leadership skills.  Please visit to learn more about our organization as a whole.  

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